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Zyvek Inc.
President: Leonard Schmiege
If I had to pick key words to describe myself, my company, where I am going, and where I have been, they would be the following:

Computer control systems, welding, self service carwash, coin vacuums, election auditing, mechanical engineering, induction furnace, glass casting, super alloys, hydrogen gas, electric vehicle, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, heat engine, getting financing, open source, whuffie points, Florida, LenX64...
Zyvek Inc. was created in 1996 to do research and development in the hope of bringing a revolutionary new product to market.  A profitable product which would finance any kind of research in the future.  The company has gone through many phases in the last nine years, the most recent change is to switch from selling industrial computer control systems to selling a retail computer system incorporating the open source philosophy whole heartedly. This allows for some profits, even though the focus is to benefit mankind far more than it is to create wealth.

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